About Eric

Hey, my name is Eric Leamen. I’m a tech nerd, app addict, podcaster, and occasional writer. By day I work as a Digital Content Coordinator for kids and teen TV. I also co-host and produce Pivot, a weekly late-night podcast about technology, media, and pop culture. You might also hear me on The Segue and Fresh Fruit.

Previously I’ve worked as a contributing writer for MobileSyrup, Digital Director of Emerge Magazine 2014, Managing Editor of Current Editorials, and Senior Editor at The Cellular Guru.

I spend my spare time on Twitter, listening to my favourite podcasts, playing Pokémon, and watching way too much Netflix.

About 27round

This is 27round, my blog about technology, apps, games, and pop culture. It’s primarily a linkblog, accompanied by the occasional longer opinion piece. For more about why this blog exists, read my original introduction post from 2014 and my reboot post from 2015.

And what about that name? It was inspired by my app addiction. The name 27round is derived from the corner radius of an iOS 7 app icon, which is (by our best approximation) 27 pixels round. Nerdy? Yes, and I love it.



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