Pride and Body Dysmorphia

John Paul Brammer, Slate

I never really learned how to comfortably take up space. Living in a fat body for half of my life conditioned me to perceive my presence as an infringement of sorts, one that warranted apology. Pride, a time that encourages us to be more unapologetic than ever, is no exception. In fact, amidst the skin and the sex and the celebrations of physicality, it’s a time when my discomfort with my body is at an all time high, a yearly progress report on how far I haven’t come.

I read this article on Saturday as Pride weekend was kicking off in Toronto, and it hit me hard. I had a rough evening one night last week, fighting my own insecurities about fitting in with the gay community. John Paul’s piece helped me process what I was feeling. I ended up having a wonderful Pride weekend celebrating with a great group of friends, feeling more like I fit in than I have in a while.

Thank you for being honest and brave in your writing, John Paul.

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