Switch is clearly a handheld, so why is Nintendo calling it a console?

Chris Scullion, Tired Old Hack:

If I were in charge of Nintendo, the message to me would be a no-brainer. “The Nintendo Switch is the most powerful handheld gaming system in the world. And when you get home, you can continue to play it on your TV.”

Instead the message is: “The Nintendo Switch is the third most powerful home console in the world. And you can take it with you when you leave the house.”

Both statements are true. But one makes it look like the industry leader, and the other makes it look like portability comes with compromise.

I couldn't agree more with this article.

I think the main reason Nintendo is calling the Switch a console is that they don't want to be seen as giving up on the console market. They should get over that fear and have the confidence to market the Switch as their best handheld yet. That's a way more compelling message, and avoids unfair comparisons to the PS4 and Xbox One. At the very least start calling it a hybrid or something.

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