Nintendo Switch is for Die-Hard Nintendo Fans

Chris Kohler, Wired:

With Switch, Nintendo is focusing on what, for lack of a better term, one might call “Nintendo gamers”—die-hard aficionados of its franchises who also enjoy games in a similar vein, like Japanese role-playing games, puzzle games, and retro-styled games. From all appearances, so far it’s been a full-court press to scoop up this particular flavor of gamer.

This is such a smart move. Nintendo knows that casual gamers are moving away from dedicated gaming hardware, so they're aiming to appeal to and win-back their hardcore audience, many of whom felt underserved by the Wii U. The more die-hards Nintendo can attract and impress with the Switch, the more people they'll have to talk about and show off the Switch to their friends and family.

I'm also curious to see how many "hardcore" console gamers – those who already own a PlayStation or Xbox – are unable to resist the allure of playing console titles like Skyrim on a handheld. I already know a few.

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