The Verge reviews Bragi’s Headphone: wireless earbuds worth buying

Sean O'Kane, The Verge:

The Headphone is perhaps the idea Bragi should've gone with in the first place, because while the new earbuds certainly aren’t perfect, they’re miles better at performing their core task — audio streaming — than the Dash ever was. In fact, they're probably the best wireless earbuds I've used.

Two things are keeping me from buying the Bragi Headphone right now: the don't charge in their carrying case, and they don't turn off automatically when you remove them from your ears. Bragi's original Dash earbuds do both of those things, as do Apple's AirPods. Like the rest of the tech world, I'm eagerly and impatiently waiting for Apple to finally ship the AirPods (where they at, Phil?). If I decide I don't like the AirPods or if they don't fit me properly when I finally get them in my ears, I think I'll go for the Bragi Headphone instead, annoyances be damned.

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