The Verge reviews Microsoft’s Surface Studio

Tom Warren, The Verge:

Microsoft’s exciting Surface Studio unveil has been compared to Apple’s disappointing MacBook Pro launch, and with good reason. Many creatives I’ve spoken to about the Surface Studio have said the same thing: why isn’t Apple doing this? Apple seems to be forcing creatives to choose an iPad Pro for touch and pen, but the powerful and professional apps just aren’t there yet on iOS, and it’s not clear if companies like Adobe are willing to rewrite their software to be just as useful on an iPad Pro. Microsoft has realized the potential in the market to reach out to creatives who feel abandoned by Apple, and it’s an influential crowd that could be swayed over by devices like the Surface Studio.

I consider myself one of those creatives questioning Apple. I’ve been trying to use my iPad Pro as a laptop replacement, and while it does a lot of things well, I find myself more and more tempted by Microsoft’s Surface Book and Surface Studio. The Surface Book is a beautifully designed hybrid that offers a great physical keyboard and touchscreen tablet combo, and the Surface Studio brings intimate touch controls for drawing and editing to the desktop. The iPad Pro can’t deliver those things yet and no Mac ever will, so now I’m left tempted by Microsoft hardware I want running an operating system I absolutely do not want. I wonder if Apple cares? I hope they do, and I hope iOS gets even more capable on the iPad in the coming years. Maybe someday we’ll even see a desktop-sized iPad.

As for the Surface Studio, it looks absolutely gorgeous, and I think a ton of creatives should and will buy it. Props to Microsoft for stepping their game way up lately. It’s exciting to see!

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